Friday, June 22, 2007

Honey & Webs & the Little Red Hen!

Well, it's official. I have just turned in my last assignment for my online class. I am SO glad it is over. You can check out my mock classroom website at The Hive. I have also finished my observation of the third grade summer school class at Cogburn Woods. Now I have to finish my write ups for it, which aren't due until July 23rd. So now I need to start focusing on catching up with the work for my children's lit. class I'm taking on Tuesday nights.


It never ends....

On another note, I did extract about 2+ gallons of honey from hive #2! Riley was a great helper, but Owen couldn't have cared less about helping, even though I tried several times to get him to help! When Riley and I had about two frames left to do, he finally came out to see what we were doing. When he saw Riley picking honey and wax from the freshly extracted frames, he wanted some too. Not so fast buddy!
I reminded him of the story of the Little Red Hen that I had told him around the campfire last weekend. I told him that he was like the animals that wouldn't help the hen with the bread, so he couldn't have any of the honey yet. Oh, you would have thought that I had just broken his favorite toy! He asked me if I was kidding, and when I said no, I got a very reluctant "Yes, Daddy."
(He got some later as I was straining it! He helped me get the strainers and the bucket.) ;)
I'll post some pics of the honey when I get home. It is very dark! It has the color of molasses, and you can't see anything through it. But it is still quite tasty! I'll have a picture of it compared to the last super I had extracted.
Anyone have any idea what would make such dark honey? blackberries?

Edit: Here's the picture of the honey. Ignore the fingerprint on the jar, Linda....

Here's an article I found about dark honey. I have a new selling option it seems....
Dark Honey v. Free Radicals


Linda T said...

Hi Steve, Tulip Poplar honey is very dark with a reddish hue. Last year my honey was quite dark, like molasses and had a thick rich taste. This year the honey I've harvested so far has been very light - a completely different crop from last year. As Winnie the Pooh says, "You never can tell with bees..." Maybe my bees didn't gather as much tulip poplar this year although there is a forest of it behind my hives. I would imagine that your honey is largely that, though, since tulip poplar is one of our biggest honey flows in Georgia.

Mr. Steve Jones said...

Thanks Linda!
So now I wonder what the first batch was... That was removed in early may.

Lali said...

Good words.

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