Sunday, July 29, 2007

Honeybee Websites for Elementary Teachers

Well, here it is! In an earlier post I had promised to post this list of websites that would be helpful for elementary students to view to learn about beekeeping. Enjoy!
If you know of any others, let me know and I'll add them to the list!





Students/ Teachers

The Beekeeper's Homepage

This site contains a lot of information on what BAD beekeeping is, as well as information on good beekeeping, beekeeper jokes, and a list of famous beekeepers.

This site would be very useful for finding info on beekeeping, especially in Canada. The list of famous beeks* would be good for a research project or two.


National Honey Board Page for Kids & Teachers

Website from the National Honey Board.

This website contains info on bees, kid tested recipes, and a free downloadable teacher’s resource manual (with accompanying video series for purchase) to introduce these amazing creatures to your students.


Honeybees resource guide for teachers

North Carolina Teacher’s printable PDF

This PDF is useful for ages K-5. It is full of more information than there is room to type here. It also has several activities that students can engage in.


Africanized Honeybee Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans from the University of Arizona for K-12

These lesson plans have been divided into grade groups. They cover everything from bee biology to the emergence of Africanized honeybees in North America. Each lesson plan is divided into daily units.

Students/ Teachers

Brainpop - Honeybees

Educational Animated Movies for students about honeybees.

This website requires a subscription, which many schools have. The video is very engaging for students to watch either in a whole-group or individual setting.

Students/ Teachers

Honeybee information with matching quiz

Pelotes Island, FL site about bees.

Short website which contains information on bees, a sound clip of bees in the hive, and a fill-in-the-blank drawing of a bee’s anatomy.


Printout of Honeybee Anatomy

Enchanted Learning Label Me! Printout

This site is a labeled picture of a honeybee anatomy. There is a link on the page to print out a blank bee anatomy picture for students to fill in.


Honeybee Trivia

Texas A&M Dept. of Entomology

This site is a quick list of unusual facts about honeybees.


NOVA - Tales From The Hive

Website of the PBS program NOVA

This site is great for students to learn about several different aspects of hive life. A good companion for the NOVA video of this episode.


Brief History of Beekeeping

Southeast Texas Honey Co. website

Contains a brief history of beekeeping in Egypt. Useful for research projects.

Students/ Teachers

Becoming a Beekeeper -Info

Article on what a beekeeper does.

This article would be useful for students that want to know about what being a beek entails. Students can either view this site on their own, or the teacher can use it to answer questions students may have.


Bee Basics

An introduction to bees by Dr. R. Iacobucci

Short site, full of information. Has some GREAT pictures of bee development from egg to adult.


Lesson Ideas on Bees

4 2 Xplore Pathfinders site

This site has an extensive list of online activities for students. CAUTION: A few of the links were dead. Be sure to double check all sites listed before using. Pay close attention to the yellow box.


Hivetool - Live Hive Cam!

Flash-based web cam from inside a hive!

This webcam is neat to watch, as it streams in real time. This site gets viewed a lot, so be sure it is working before you send students to it.


NATURE - Alien Empire

From the Nature PBS series.

This is by far the best, most interactive site for students! It is extremely interactive, and easy to follow. The graphics are top notch. CAUTION: Be sure the volume is turned down, as this site insists on playing a drum rhythm as you watch it.

Students/ Teachers

Beekeeping Webquest

Internet Treasure Hunt on beekeeping

This is a good Webquest to do with students, however several of the links were dead. Teachers: Use this as a model for your own Webquest!

Student/ Teachers

Save the Honeybees Webquest

Webquest for grades 3-5

This is a very well-done Webquest. Students are required to draw a flower diagram, and then write a persuasive essay.


Michael Bush's Bee Site

Website for Bush’s Farms

Probably the most knowledgeable person I know of in the field of beekeeping. The answer for just about any question a student can ask a teacher, as well as how-to construction tips.


Article on Africanized Honey Bees

Scientific article on AHB.

Very well written article on the history and introduction of AHB in North America. Can be used to educate the teacher about the reality of AHB, so they can then educate the students.


Another Bee Cam

Draper Bee Company web cam

Another live bee cam. This one is a single image that is updated every 14 seconds. A good cam to fall back on should the Hivetool cam be down.

*beeks – short form of “beekeeper”

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally! An inspection!

Yay! I finally made an inspection today! The first time in three weeks! And it was time! I brought out some empty supers to add, and this hive needed one...

I opened up the third hive today, and found about seven fully capped frames, and some brood, so I put a shallow with Pierco foundation underneath this super, with hopes of pulling the super when it's full and the brood are gone.

Here's a cool pic of my hives as they were this afternoon:

Solar Wax Melter? Not without the sun!

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted. I'm nearing the end of my summer classes for my MAT, and the papers have been EXCRUCIATING! I haven't checked on the bees since July 4th! I was able to pull a fully capped shallow super of comb honey back then, and have bottled it. I was able to get a couple of frames of sourwood! It amazes me that we have any down this far south in Georgia.
The picture above is of my homemade solar wax melter. I got the idea from Linda, although I haven't painted it black. But isn't it my luck that as soon as I put this thing together, we start getting rain every afternoon here!! We're in the middle of a drought, and as soon as I need the heat and sun, it gets cloudy for three weeks! This is the second filtering of this wax, and it's been in there for two weeks, due to the rain cooling it off! You can see in the picture above that I have two Venus Flytraps, one that is going through rehab right now. I rescued it from Lowe's, where it was stuck in the darkest part of the plant section. In our part of Georgia, these plants can be grown outside. Remember, they come from swampy North Carolina, lots of heat and humidity, but they also go through a dormant winter period, and can survive low temperatures in the winter.
Anyway, back on subject (aren't I strange? I keep bees, and I keep plants that can eat bees!).
This solar wax melter has been pretty low maintenance, but the lack of sun has made the going S-L-O-W! I know, we need the rain....

Here are three different honeys that have been pulled by me this summer. What kind do you think they are?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dr. Fever's Coffee, please!

Does anyone know where I can get a coffee mug replica of the one that Dr. Johnny Fever used on WKRP in Cincinnati?

We just finished watching disc 1 of the first season, and I really want a coffee mug like that!

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