Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where are the bees?

Well, I guess this is a blog with "bees" in the title, so I should post some pics of my bees...

Here's a frame of honey from the super I just extracted....

And here is a pic of my three hives (as yet unnamed).

The hive on left just killed the Buckfast queen I tried to introduce, and I noticed yesterday that there is a new queen roaming around on the comb with a retinue. I must keep an eye on her. The middle hive has a queen excluder and two supers on it now. This is the hive that the above picture is from.
The third hive has one medium super on, and is in the process of being filled as we speak.

Now if we could just get some rain!

l8r, t8r!

Day 2

Ok, this is day 2 of my blog.
Today was the last day of school, and I am out for the summer!

I am still taking a class online (ED 630) and am going to be doing observations in a third grade classroom over the summer at Cogburn Woods Elementary. I also have VBS coming up next week, so the hits just keep on coming!

Some good news, though, is that we have Owen signed up for soccer this summer at Stars Soccer Club and Riley is going to be taking gymnastics at the Alpharetta Community Center. They are both very excited!

I have to keep this blog going through the end of summer, so we'll see if I like it enough to keep it going 'til then!
L8r, T8r!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First post

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! I guess it's time I joined, eh?
More to come later!