Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where are the bees?

Well, I guess this is a blog with "bees" in the title, so I should post some pics of my bees...

Here's a frame of honey from the super I just extracted....

And here is a pic of my three hives (as yet unnamed).

The hive on left just killed the Buckfast queen I tried to introduce, and I noticed yesterday that there is a new queen roaming around on the comb with a retinue. I must keep an eye on her. The middle hive has a queen excluder and two supers on it now. This is the hive that the above picture is from.
The third hive has one medium super on, and is in the process of being filled as we speak.

Now if we could just get some rain!

l8r, t8r!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the photos....where in the world did you get the video???
Does this make me the queen mother of white and nerdy????

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion, and I'm sure you've already thought of it,but what about naming them after Grandpa Raymel? I'm sure even with all the fun he's having up there that he's smiling down on you with pride and joy.
Your helping to keep my memories alive. Thanks, EM