Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 begins...

And it begins happily!
I have been remiss in getting out to the hives for awhile. Last week I spoke with the landowner, who informed me that he didn't think there was anything alive in my hives.

Well, this morning he tells me that with the nice weather yesterday, he saw activity in front of all three hives! So, I need to make sure to get out there the next warm day!

But in the mean time, the most intense music video ever....

You're welcome.

**UPDATE** 1/27/2009
I stopped by the hives yesterday on the way home from school. All three hives were quite active! I want to get some syrup to them to get them ready for the spring. I've also been researching Megabee, which is supposed to be good for building up your colonies. I've never fed my bees anything besides syrup, but I think I will try some this year.

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