Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bees and Boy Scouts

I am very excited! It seems that all three of my hives have survived the winter! This may be the first year I will not be buying bees!!
I had some "leftover" honey, and put it in some hivetop feeders to give back to the bees. They are bringing in lots of pollen, so I want to make sure they have something to eat as well!!

Near the end of March, my son's Cub Scout troop (Tigers) will be coming out to see my three hives. Does anyone out there have some ideas for activities I can do with 10 first graders while they are out there? I'm thinking of contacting some other local beeks to see if they want to come over and give me a hand.
If you have any tips, please let me know!!!


robo said...

An observation hive always is a big hit, but you totally loose their attention once you show it to them, so if you have a message/presentation do that BEFORE revealing the observation hive. If you don't have an OH, then drones can also be a big hit (because they don't sting). I like to play "Is that a bee in your ear", sor tof like the quarter behind your ear. Or pretend a bee went in my ear and dig in my ear with my finger, cough, and let the drone out of my mouth. Just make sure the drone has had a chance to relieve himself BEFORE putting him into your mouth ;-)

As far a a message, first and foremost teach them that bees really have no interest in them and not to run or swat at bees. Secondly, explain the importance of bees. They seem to like statistics like the 30% of food requires bees for pollination, etc.

good luck, kids are always a blast. And oh, Honey sticks are a big hit too.

Steve J. said...

Thanks, Robo! I plan on giving them a safety lecture (we don't need 10 first graders jumping in the lake because they were being silly around a bee hive!). My son is excited about it, as he likes going out to see the bees, and likes to show how smart he is! :)

I'm definitely thinking of getting an OH for this.