Monday, October 6, 2008


I stopped at the hives on my way home from work. I took the lid off of the two hives with top feeders. Both of them are bone dry!! One had a gallon of syrup in it, the other a half!
Well I guess I know what I'm doing after I finish grading these papers....

By the way, how do you like the new look of the blog? I like the bees with the honeycomb in the background!


Marsha and Mike said...

Hello from fellow Alpharetta beekeepers. We found your blog today while "Googling" and have enjoyed reading through it. It's nice to find another beekeeper in the area and to see that you have other interests in common as well such as flyfishing and Bella Fleck music.

Give us a call sometime (the number is on our website as well as Mike's email address), we can discuss the challenge of keeping out the Small Hive Beetle and all the other joys of beekeeping. And check out the "Bee Hive Webcam" we have set up on our observation hive...... your students will enjoy it.

Steve J. said...

Hi guys! Yes, it is nice to see that there are other beekeepers around. I love your site, and the webcam is awesome!!
Thanks for visiting! I hope to update it more as the warmer weather starts up.