Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New package installation

Yay! I now have two pounds of new friends!!

I went up to Lula, GA today to visit Don (Fatbeeman) at Dixie Bee Supply. What a setup he has! Wow! Don was great, he let me choose the package, and then took me out to the bee yard (without veil or smoke, as is his trademark) and made sure I knew how to install a package properly. My son, Owen (6) went with me, and was amazed at the number of hives there.

So I got home, mixed up a quick 1:1 syrup mixture in a 20 oz. soda bottle (an inexpensive sprayer!! Thanks Don!), punched a couple holes in the lid, and then went out to Floyd's to install the package. So they are there now, and I hope they are happy! I plan on stopping by after school tomorrow to make sure they are acclimating well. I'll also check to see if the queen is out yet.

I also need to buy some sugar to mix up a larger batch of syrup for them tomorrow.

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