Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The next day...

I went out today and put a gallon of 2:1 syrup in a top feeder on the Russians. I also killed a couple of SHB that were running around. I checked the Beetle Eater, and there were several SHB going in and out, and it looked to be low on oil. There should only be 3mL of oil in it, but it seemed to be too little, and with the slope of the hive, I think the SHB were getting out too easily, so I added some more oil to it. We'll see how that works.

I also added more oil to the trap in #3. This hive seemed strong, and was very quiet and gentle. No smoke today.

Jabez seemed irritable, so I put a pint of syrup in a Bordman feeder. There were several bees flying around the front of the hive, and they were quite loud, so I stayed away!

I'm putting canola oil in the beetle traps. Is this right? Maybe I should use a different type?

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