Sunday, April 20, 2008

AJ's Beetle Eater installed

Today I went out to see how the bees were doing after I uprooted them yesterday. I also wanted to install the AJ's Beetle Eaters that I had purchased this winter. AJ recommends using only 3mL of oil in these. So I took a medicine syringe that holds 10mL and filled it to the 9mL mark. Then I put the traps together, inserted them between some frames, and put the oil in. Pretty easy, now we'll see how they work.
I haven't seen any beetles in these hives yet, but I wanted to do a preventative treatment.

Also, I discovered that it is important to tightly tie down the veil when wearing it. I had a bee get out of the first hive I opened and get up under the veil. It then popped me on the end of my nose!! So now I have to go to school tomorrow and teach with a fat nose! To make it worse, I may have a job interview at 2:00pm! Oh joy!

So, tie down those veils!!!

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Michelle said...

The dangers of being a beekeeper! Whew-- I wouldn't want to do it. :)