Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hockey Time!!!

Last night, March 7, we took a family trip to a Thrashers game! Let me tell you, it's nice to have friends. We have a friend at our church that gave us four tickets from his company to the game versus the Minnesota Wild. There is also a lady I work with whose husband is the official scorer for the NHL, and is in charge of scoring for games in Philips Arena. So we got there early and he gave us a little tour of his world! We got to go sit in the penalty box and the kids were allowed to touch the ice (but not get on it!).

This was a lot of fun! Our friend even let the kids push the button that sounds the horn. They loved that!

Be careful! You never know what you'll see in the "Sin Bin!"

So after our tour of the box, we got to go up to the scorer's room and see where all of the stat taking takes place. We also got to see the instant replay booth, radio and tv booths! The kids were then both given an actual game puck!! They were very excited!

And then it was GameTime!!!
We had a great time! The kids really got into it. Here are a couple of pics of my lovely children trash talkin' the opposing team:

One of their favorite parts of the game was the fire birds:

Here are some more photos of our evening:

Before the game, we ate supper in the CNN center. There was a place set up there called "Thrasherville" where the kids could sign up to play street hockey. They loved it! They were playing hard and enjoying themselves so much. They were worn out before the game!