Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's Hot...

I mean, really hot. We've had a record number of 100 degree days in a row here in Georgia. I haven't been out to touch the hives in about 3 weeks due to the hives being COVERED in bees. I have observed them from the outside, but they've been too irritated over the weather to bother them. Today, we finally had a good hard thunderstorm! We're supposed to get some rain all week, so hopefully that will help!
I've noticed that the goldenrod is starting to bloom, which is good news! I have smelled it around the hives, so I am going to hold off feeding the bees for awhile.
hive number one has finally died out. I tried all year to keep them going, but they never raised a viable queen, and even killed the one I tried to introduce. So I know of at least one package I will need to purchase next year. However, if my other hives survive the winter, I may try a split instead.

One more thing:
6 more days until West Virginia football!!